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SRAH wants to keep clients and patients happy, healthy, and provide the best healthcare in quality veterinary medicine. We offer a wide variety of products right here in our office to ensure that our clients have access to some of the best products available for our canine and feline patients. We do our very best to remain competitive with our product pricing.

Our obvious competition is the thousands of online retailers offering the same or similar products. Avoid paying additional costs for taxes and shipping at online pharmacies. At SRAH, we pay the sales tax on ALL in house prescription medications, so you don’t have to! (Sorry, this does not apply to prescription diet products.) Also, many of our products are guaranteed by their manufacturer when purchased through a veterinary office. Why? Because your pet’s products are in a controlled environment and not just another item on the shelf.

In recent years, human and veterinary prescription drugs have increased greatly in price due to manufacturing, demand, and the economy. As you may know, many human drugs cross over into veterinary medicine. Thankfully, many of our veterinary suppliers help us give our clients the best price by offering rebates available to our customers that can only be redeemed at our veterinary office.

At SRAH, we are here to educate, recommend, and answer any question you may have about each product. When in doubt, just ask. If we do not know the answer, we will do our best to find a solution. Please call us today 901-382-1950 or stop by for a visit.

Daily nutrition is the single most important thing you can do to enrich and lengthen the special relationship you have with your pet. Hills Pet Nutrition has a mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. We offer a variety of Hill’s products to satisfy your pet’s taste buds as well as special treats that are compatible for our patients on prescription diets including Hill’s Prescription Diet for Canines, Hill’s Prescription Diet for Felines and Science Diet Canine Treats  
Monthly Beef Flavored Chewable (Canine Only).
1 dose, 3 dose, or 6 dose packs.

Our #1 seller in flea and tick prevention! Most dogs easily take this chew as they mistake it for being a tasty beefy treat. This product is great for pets that get bathed or go swimming often. Because it is an oral dose, the product works from the inside out so you do not have to worry about compromising the effectiveness of the product.

Monthly Tablet Treatment available for FELINES ONLY.
Purchase a single dose or 6 dose supply.

This product is great for battling flea infestations! It can be a challenge to pill a cat when there are teeth chomping and toe nails scratching. If this is your battle, we recommend smashing this pill up and mixing it in a small amount of canned food to feed the pet. Then, give pet it’s normal meal. 

Let’s make giving your pet heartworm prevention as simple as possible with the Proheart 6 Injection. Your pet must first be tested for heartworms, upon testing negative, Dr. Pearce can administer the injection of safe heartworm prevention that last for 6 months. WORRY FREE FOR SIX MONTHS!
Canine Monthly Beef Flavored Oral Dose.
Available for purchase of 1, 6, or 12 dose supplies.

These chews are effective against preventing heartworms and some intestinal parasites (roundworms & hookworms)

Monthly Topical Treatment (FELINE ONLY)
Available for purchase 1 month supply or 6 month supply.

Great for both indoor and outdoor cats. This product not only is a flea prevention but also deworms for intestinal parasites (roundworms & hookworms), prevents heartworms, and prevents and treats ear mites. Each dose contains a small amount of fluid to be applied monthly between the shoulder blades at the skin. We recommend feeding a pet while applying this dose so they are preoccupied while the medicine absorbs in the skin.

Monthly Tablet Treatment (CANINES ONLY).
Purchase 1 month supply or 6 month supply

Each dose is formulated to prevent heartworms, deworm for intestinal parasites (roundworms, hookworms, & whipworms), and sterilizes adult fleas so they can not reproduce. Each tablet must be given with a meal to help with the absorption of the medicine. 

Monthly Topical Treatment (CANINE ONLY).
Purchase 1 month supply or 6 month supply

Each dose is formulated to prevent heartworms, deworm for intestinal parasites (roundworms, hookworms, & whipworms), and prevent fleas. It is extremely important that you allow product to absorb into pet’s skin for at a minimum of 30 minutes to get proper effectiveness for the heartworm prevention.